With the 2018 Giant Easter Egg Hunt just around the corner, we thought we’d address the questions that are commonly asked:

Q: Do I need to bring my own bucket?
A: No. We provide a bucket and only our provided bucket is to be used please. (Helps keep it fair for everyone.)
Q: Can I bring my ticket on my phone?
A: Yes. Our scanners / lookup system will allow you to bring a digital ticket.
Q: Can I bring a pet?
A: No. Please leave your animals at home. Chocolate is not good for them!
Q: What time does it start / finish?
A: Doors open at 9am with first session at 9.30am / We start packing down at 1pm.
Q: Are there any more tickets available?
A: No. Sorry, we sold out weeks ago and have a large waiting list. No further tickets available and none will be sold on the day. We hope to see you next year and encourage everyone to book in within the first week of tickets going on sale!